Where To Find The Best Keratin Treatment In Melbourne?

Do you have frizzy hair that you want to straighten or damaged hair that you want to repair? Keratin treatment is the solution. Where to find the best keratin treatment in Melbourne? Here are some of the best options.


Delilah Hair Studio


The advantage of Delilah Hair Studio over other salons in Melbourne is their experience. They’ve been offering keratin treatment for many years already. On average, the salon performs 20 keratin treatments every week.


For their keratin treatments, Delilah uses Cezanne Keratin Smoothing, which is considered one of the best hair smoothing products on the Australian market. Cezanne is an all-natural product, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. It is also hypoallergenic and has been proven safe for all skin types.


Delilah is located at Lygon St. Brunswick East.


QV Hair


QV Hair offers what they call the De-Frizz or Express Keratin Treatment. It is a quicker and more affordable than a regular keratin treatment making it perfect for busy individuals and those who are on a budget.


The treatment only takes an hour to finish and costs only half of a full keratin treatment. It’s also ideal for those who just want to experience a keratin treatment but don’t want to commit to the full service. The result will only last for about a month but then you can just get the treatment again.


QV Hair is located on the first floor of the QV Shopping Centre.


Rakis On Collins


Rakis On Collins was established by Stavros Tavrou in 1983. The salon started out as a one-man-operation. And then in 1984, Stavros was invited to style the hair of the members of U2. Stavros and his salon became quite famous after the incident, mainly through word-of-mouth.


One of the popular treatment in Rakis is their Pure Keratin Relaxing Treatment. After undergoing this treatment, you’ll see instantaneous results, which is healthy, youthful-looking hair. And the results will last for up to two months.


Rakis on Collins is located at Level 2, 178 Collins Street.

Terre a Mer


Terre a Mer offers two kinds of keratin treatment, keratin straightening and keratin repair. Keratin hair straightening treatment is considered to be much better than chemical straightening. It’s a natural, and therefore, safer way to straighten the hair. As the name suggests, chemical straightening uses harsh chemicals that cause hair damage.


Terre a Mer’s professional keratin repair treatment uses scientifically engineered liquid keratin to fix damaged hair. It can fully repair damaged hair even cases that can’t be fixed by other methods.


Terre a Mer is located at Level 3, 11-19 Bank Place.