Wholesale Garlic Prawns

Many people like to eat garlic prawns since they are delicious and contain many nutrients. They will often order garlic prawn from their favorite restaurant for home delivery or eat out. Hence restaurants require large quantities of garlic prawns for their customers. Though they can purchase fresh prawns, cleaning these prawns by removing the shell is a very time consuming process. Also the availability of fresh prawns will fluctuate due to different factors like weather conditions. Hence many food businesses like restaurants, catering companies are interested in finding reliable suppliers of high quality wholesale garlic prawns at reasonable rates.


The wholesale garlic prawns are already cleaned and precooked so that preparation of the garlic prawns will not take time. They are supplied frozen, and should be stored in the freezer. When an order for the prawns is received, the prawns should be thawed so that the ice melts. They can be then easily cooked and served to the client. All the prawns which are supplied are checked for quality, and prawns of different sizes are available. Based on the estimated requirement of the food business, they can arrange to have the garlic prawns of a specified quantity delivered weekly or fortnightly at their premises

The price of these wholesale prawns is much lower than the retail prices of the prawns, so the buyers will save money in expenses, which will add to their profit. The recipe for the garlic prawns has been formulated after extensive research, consulting a variety of food businesses and food retailers. The frozen food retailers can also purchase the prawns at wholesale prices , and then repackage the prawns in smaller quantities for their customers. The latest food processing equipment is used for making the garlic prawns, so that all customers are assured that they are hygienically prepared, and will conform to food safety norms.