Recruitment agencies provide temporary workers

The number of orders received by many businesses varies depending on the weather conditions and other factors. When the business has more orders, it will often require more staff. It is also not feasible for a business to hire permanent employees, when there will no work for them for several months of the year, since paying them salaries will reduce the profit. Hence many melbourne businesses are using the services of temporary recruitment agencies Melbourne who will supply the manpower required to fulfill the orders, do the work for the period specified by the business.

There are a large number of jobs where manual workers are required only for a short period of time. For construction of a building or renovation, the workers will be required only till the construction is complete. Similarly during the peak shopping season or festive season, more workers will be required for packing the items. The recruitment agency supplying the temporary workers has a large number of manual workers and other temporary workers on their payroll. The agency has the complete resume of each of these workers, including their skills, experience, and will charge the client using these workers accordingly.

When a business contacts the recruitment agency with details of the type of workers it wishes to hire, the agency will usually send a list of workers to the business. The business staff may interview the workers or directly select a few workers based only on the resume and rates. The workers will be told that they are hired for a specified time period, and will be given details of the business which has hired them. The workers will report to the address specified, where they will be given instructions regarding the work which has to be done. The business will pay the recruitment agency for the workers, and the agency will pay the workers for the work done.