How to Pick the Right Wheels for Ford Rangers

The first step to picking the right wheels for your Ford Ranger starts with knowing what you want.

Ask yourself why you are buying new rims? Is it because you want to improve how they look, or will they improve the truck’s performance? Or maybe you need something bigger or wider. No matter what reason you have for purchasing new wheels, getting the best ones will take some research and time on forums dedicated to trucks like yours. Here are tips to help you get the right wheels.


Tire Size

The tire size must fit under the factory wheel. The space between your wheel and the truck is called the backspace, and while most rims come in a set width, it’s important to make sure that width will fit on your truck.



This is how far off-center or outboard that your rims sit. Most factory wheels have an offset of +15, so buying something with +20 may be too wide and rub on the tires when you turn or go around corners. If you get any higher than +40 or so and you may run into popping the tire on the inside of the truck.

Bolt Pattern

Different wheels will bolt on in different patterns or ways to attach to your vehicle, so knowing which one you have is important. For example, if I have a 6×5.5 pattern, you can’t fit five-lug wheels because they are only available in 4×4.25 size, which means annoying spacers for me. The most common bolt pattern is 5×114.3, but plenty of other options are available, especially if you have an older Ranger with six lug bolts.


Lug Size

Wheel hub sizes are commonly either 6 or 8 lugs sized, and your offset must match this number when buying new wheels! Remembering the bolt pattern is the easy part. If you have a six-lug truck, you can’t put five lug wheels on it!



How wide and tall do they need to be? Do you want something that looks the same as the manufacturer’s, or would you rather your truck stand out more with a larger diameter wheel? There’s plenty of options for rims in both styles. Again, remember that any new wheels must fit under the factory wheel wells and clear the brake calipers if you intend on using them (for parking/emergency use only).

Be sure to double-check before making a purchase. You don’t want to get stuck buying expensive spacers or buy something too small! Visit us at